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"Amazing New Belly Fat Burner Made From Clinically Proven Ingredients Is Now Back On The Market - Thanks To It's Research


Starts getting to work the very first time. Extra strength for additional belly fat burning. Now available without a prescription.



The graph above shows the potential weight loss results when altering your calorific content without any exercise at all. This person lost 47.3 pounds in body weight. They also lost 8.4% of their body fat.

So Imagine The Results If You Used LipoMax Pro Too?

If you also used a clinically proven fat loss component (as contained in LipoMax Pro) you could lose 47.3 pounds or even more, as shown in the graph above.



If you've ever tried to lose your belly fat and given up after just a few days, then LipoMax Pro was made just for you. In fact it will be the easiest and most successful diet you've ever tried!


That's because there's no will power required. Just take the easy-to-swallow capsules as the label says and let the 100% 'all natural' ingredients get to work.


LipoMax Pro has already helped plenty of people to lose their excess belly fat faster then they ever thought possible.


LipoMax Pro was formulated in the laboratories of a scientific sports research institute and specifically designed to help you do three things:

  1. Burn stubborn stomach fat

  2. Help you lose weight

  3. Help you feel healthier and happier by boosting your energy levels



After Being Officially Confirmed As 100% Natural &
Pure - LipoMax Pro Is Now Available
Worldwide Once Again


LipoMax Pro specifically melts away stubborn belly fat, because it contains a clinically proven thermogenic compound in it's new formula.


It's also made of 100% proven and naturally occurring ingredients. This means it is completely safe and risk free to use.


It's important to remember that we use the highest legal amounts of the finest ingredients in EXTRACT form only. We don't use powder form like other weight loss products. Powders are generally 'under potent' and they only contain a little active ingredient.


It also improves your mood, whilst increasing your energy and even improving your concentration. In fact, the seeds of one of our ingredients in our proprietary mineral nutrient blend have been used for centuries by the Amazonian tribes people, to improve physical endurance and mental alertness.


Just watch as it gets to work on your abdominal fat. You will start feeling the effects of LipoMax Pro on your body, within 43 minutes of taking it. After a few short weeks, your friends will swear you've had liposuction.



  • Supports weight loss
  • Contains clinical research proven ingredients
  • Reduces your appetite naturally
  • Increases your energy levels + concentration
  • 100% safe & all natural - no man made chemicals
  • Feel it working within 43 minutes
  • Supports a faster metabolism
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Laboratory 'high grade' herbal extracts
  • 100% legal ingredients
  • Gives you a feeling of being happier
  • Increases your alertness



Important - Please Note:


We'd love to tell you that LipoMax Pro was made for everyone, but unfortunately it is not.


LipoMax Pro is not for you if you are only trying to lose an extra 2 or 4  pounds from around your entire body. You can lose that sort of weight with simple exercise or dieting.

You should only use LipoMax Pro if you want to lose stubborn belly fat, or if you find it hard to lose excess fat from your body (even if you follow a low calorie diet).


LipoMax Pro is also good for slow and sluggish metabolisms, or if you feel like you have low energy levels.


Make no mistake - this is the first ever super fat burner. It's literally like the difference between a little old rust bucket and a Ferrari supercar. LipoMax Pro is the older brother of all other fat burners.


You should only use it if you want visible results.


If you discover you are losing more then 9 pounds every 11 days, please stop taking LipoMax Pro.





I'm Not Hungry!


LipoMax Pro capsules also contain an active natural appetite suppressant. This means it will also kill your cravings for sweets and carbs.


As you continue to eat less, your stomach will 'shrink' in size, and so it will only be able to hold a fraction of the food it can hold today.


So from now onwards - you eat much less then you did before.


And so LipoMax Pro capsules speed up your abdominal fat loss as the same rate that it kills your food intake. This means you'll lose weight twice as fast as with other supplements, diets and exercise programs.





URGENT NOTICE: Limited Availability From
19th January.


At this present time, we can only send out a maximum of 2 bottles of LipoMax Pro   per household.


Many of the ingredients used in LipoMax Pro are naturally harvested from exotic locations around the globe. Understandably, there is no way for us to speed up how quickly a rare plant can grow.


So we have to limit the number of bottles that we can make available to you.


Also, since people have found out that LipoMax Pro is available again, demand has gone up even more. So we have to limit the number of bottles that we sell for now.




100% Free Bonus Items When You Buy Today:



We're totally committed to giving you the best belly fat burning experience ever.

So we want to improve your chances of burning off all your excess belly fat - and we want to make sure it stays that way.

So when you buy from us today, you get a free gift. And you also get the chance for 3 more free gifts as well.



Free gift 1: LipoMax Pro Combination System Manual


When you buy a bottle of LipoMax Pro   today you'll get this free belly fat busting manual as well:

You can use this manual alongside your bottle of LipoMax Pro to experience the Lipomax Pro Combination System. It will teach you how to optimise your results so you can achieve a flat stomach quickly - and keep it that way.



Free gift 2: Win $1000


Buy LipoMax Pro today and you'll automatically be able to win $1000. All you need to do is send us a before and after picture so we can see how much belly fat, and how much weight you've lost using LipoMax Pro.

If you have the most dramatic results, you automatically get $1000 in cash sent to you!



Free gift 3: Free LipoMax Pro Belly Fat Blitz DVD -OR- FREE Slim Sony DVD Player!



As a respected customer of LipoMax Pro we're offering you the chance for a free LipoMax Pro Belly Fat Blitz DVD or a FREE Slim Sony DVD Player.

All you need to do is fill out a journal detailing your experience with LipoMax Pro.

Simply fill out each page of the journal we give you, and we'll send you your free DVD disc or even a free slim Sony DVD player - the choice is yours. We'll even pay the shipping fees!

Full details will be sent to you when you buy your first bottle of LipoMax Pro from us today.

or a FREE DVD Player!






100% Free Worldwide Shipping


We ship LipoMax Pro worldwide. We always use a trusted premium delivery company to make sure there are no problems with your delivery.


All bottles are shipped as quickly as possible - usually the same day or the next working day. You'll receive your shipment in 3 - 7 working days most of the time. That also includes international deliveries.

Shipping, handling and freight charges are completely free, worldwide.

We offer free shipping because we ship enough product from multiple worldwide distribution hubs, to get discounts from our courier companies. Off course, we pass these shipping discounts on to you, and cover the rest of the shipping costs for you ourselves.


Click here to visit the order page and get your bottle of LipoMax Pro today!





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